Challenge all muscles when working on a new exercise

That's why I've created this list of 50 different ways to do standing splits.

I'm the type of person that never uses the same form for different exercises legs forward, knees bent, or legs back, bent, and so on. Some require strength, others balance, and some both. But don't think of this as a "splits routine."


This is more a list of different ways to break down the exercise into smaller parts so that you can train each part separately. The bottom line is that every method has it's own benefits and is a valid way to work on your standing splits. Some methods are more challenging for the spine, other's focus on the abs, etc. Don't hesitate to take a few of these exercises and add them to your program if you feel it's appropriate. If it doesn't work for you right away, try it another day. There is always a first time for everything. How to do standing splits without the heels? One of the best ways to practice your standing splits that doesn't risk your lower back is to do them off of a medicine ball. This is one of the fastest ways to work on your standing splits if done correctly.

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How to do standing splits with an arch in your feet - It may seem to be counter intuitive at first but be careful when jumping. This jump will tax the legs and the glutes much more. The legs are required to push the body upwards and off the ground before the feet come back down under the body. There is a reason why it is taught with the heels down, toes flat on the ground when standing still. Also, when practicing this you pull with the front leg and push with the rear leg. That’s a great way to strengthen both of your legs.