Improve your self control and awareness

If your control is not good enough, you will be very unhappy.

Practice to the pointwhere you can sit for a while, and you will be surprised at how much better you can become. I am going to share a bit of what I know about how to train yourself.

First, you need to be aware of where you are. You cannot be happy, content, or peaceful unless you are aware of what your body and mind are doing and how you are feeling.


You need to learn how to monitor your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. If you are doing this with awareness and concentration, you know if you are happy or sad and you know yourself better. This is why meditations that deal with self-awareness and self-control are good.

Second, you need to train yourself on how to let peace happen for short time periods. If you are not controlling it, you can spend a lot of time in a lot of different ways trying to control everything. You will try everything you can think of, but with experience, you will learn to do what works best for you at the moment.

Third, you need to train yourself to be able to let go of all the negative things you have learned from the past. This involves changing the thoughts you have about yourself and what you have learned about yourself. You need to let go of the negative thoughts and get into a positive state. When you are feeling that you are not happy, you have negative thoughts, this is what brings you back to a negative state. The moment you change the thoughts that you have about yourself, you are changing your state of mind. When you change your state of mind, things change in your body as well.

🛒 🎃 🦖

Fourth, you need to train yourself to let go of all the bad habits you have. This involves making conscious efforts to replace the bad habits you have with good ones. For this, you have to make up your mind not to do the bad habit. If you can do this, you are good enough to let go of the bad habit. If you still have the bad habits, you have to make an effort to change them. You have to replace them with good ones. You have to do this on a regular basis.