Our eating and life styles are often out of balance and can cause havoc to health

How can we balance eating to sustain our current life style and also increase the quality of future generations?

Nutrition can play an important role in the improvement of oneโ€™s health and can also change how we eat. Today I want to share with you some of the research on the topic of eating as we grow and consume our way. I am here to tell you about the dangers of sugar. First, we know people die of sugar. We know it is evil. Not as evil as cigarettes, but still evil.

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Why are we still eating the stuff? Is our government helping them with the sugar lobbies, the same as the tobacco lobbies? You mean they would stop making cigarettes? Why would they do that? Why would they stop making sugar? Let me say that again, sugar is, sugar is, and it always will be evil. Sugar is evil. Why are we surprised? Here we go for another tenured academic who gets tenure based on political correctness. Tenured professors will work with the sugar lobby and have as a result a tenured position. Not unlike my own story, the same is true for many of our own faculty.

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So we have a government-backed position that sugar is evil. And we also have a tenured position in academia? Is this so? I have always thought that universities are where most young people should be educated in the sciences and the arts. They should be taught about science, history, art, math, music, poetry, and so on. For the most part we focus on our own disciplines of study and get little in the way of practical experience apart from jumping rope.