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  1. Unleash your inner athlete: The power of incorporating jumping rope into your fitness routine

    Strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles, improve coordination and balance, and achieve your fitness goals.

    As an individual, you have the potential to ignite a fire within your body that'll not just make you feel more alive, but will help you achieve a level of fitness that you've only dreamed of. With …

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  2. Jump rope for injury recovery

    Understanding the body's healing process and how jumping rope can aid in it.

    As someone involved in the fitness industry, I understand the importance of proper healing and recovery when it comes to injuries and muscle tears. Our goal is to warm up and prepare the body for exercise, not cause distress …

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  3. The importance of proper breathing techniques and incorporating jumping rope

    A guide to developing your lungs and breathing properly while incorporating a versatile workout routine.

    I cannot stress enough the importance of proper breathing techniques in any physical activity. Not only does it allow you to fill your lungs to their full capacity, but it also helps improve overall physical performance. Most …

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  4. How to make a jumper

    Steve Basher, President of World Jump League At World Jump League (WJL) headquarters in California, they call the training room "The Beast," and this is why:

    For the men and women competing on the World Jump League tour, it's a veritable oasis. It's there that the swells of the world's best professional …

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